cove holiday park

Own a Holiday Home

A holiday home at Cove Park will give you breathtaking views in idyllic surroundings. Caravans are available already sited and connected, or we can provide a tailored solution delivering the ideal caravan for you.

In 2015 we replaced over half of our fleet with brand new Caravans – all 2 berth with en-suite bathrooms. All caravans at the site are high-spec, with the most up-to-date designs and quality finishes including double-glazing and central heating to ensure a comfortable all-year round stay. Prices start from £25,000, and all year round use is available (subject to our site shut down from 14th January to 1st March).

Many of our caravans come with beautiful decks which are nestled on the cliff edge overlooking the sea or in the midst of the well-kept gardens.

To assist with the cost you can participate in our Letting Scheme and can make your Caravan available for hire whenever it suits you. Our online booking services, marketing material, search engine, and promotions are all available through the Letting Scheme.

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